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Impact of Green HRM on Employees Pro-Environmental Behavior: Mediating Role of Women Environmental Knowledge at Higher Education Institutions


Sarfraz Ahmed Dakhan, Jan Muhammad Sohu, Aneela Jabeen, Manzoor Ali Mirani Javed Ahmed Shaikh4, Shuja Iqbal2


Vol. 20  No. 12  pp. 202-208


This study examines the influence of Green HRM Practices (Green Recruitment and Selection (GRS), Green Compensation & Reward (GCR), Green Training & Development (GTD), and Green Performance Appraisal (GPA)) on employees Pro-Environmental Behavior (PB) through mediating role of Environmental Knowledge (EK) in Higher Education Institutions. It also explains the mediation role of Environmental Knowledge between Green Training and Development and Pro-Environmental Behavior. A total of 320 questionnaires were distributed online to the female faculty and other female staff of universities, whereas 240 were received and considered valid response. Data analyzed through structural equation modeling, partial least square method SEM-PLS, and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) with the using smart PLS software. Findings revealed that Green HRM practices positively influence the employees pro-environmental behavior. Whereas Female environmental knowledge plays mediating role to strengthen the employees pro-environmental behavior and mediate the relationship between recruitment & selection and pro-environmental behavior. The results were significant, and all the hypotheses were accepted.


Green HRM, Pro-Environmental Behavior, Environmental Knowledge, Higher Education Institutions.