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Text Mining Challenges and Applications, A Comprehensive Review


Dr. Muzammil Khan, Mr. Sarwarshah Khan, and Dr. Yasser Alharbi


Vol. 20  No. 12  pp. 138-148


Text Mining which is known as text analysis, is defined as the process to extract the proper text patterns from the unstructured text data, which are collected from different written resources. The unstructured text data almost free and found in many different locations such as newspapers, books, the internet, etc. Text mining enables companies to naturally process information and create significant experiences by applied different Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms. Thus, this leads these companies to make appropriate decisions in a data-driven business. In this article, review the main challenges and assessed the applications of major text mining techniques. The applications of each technique are thoroughly evaluated with comprehensive analysis.


Text Mining, Information Extraction, Summarization, TM Challenges, TM Application