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Implementation of Fusion and Filtering Techniques in IoT Data Processing: a case study of Smart Healthcare


Sultan Ahmad, Abdullah Alharbi, Abu Sarwar Zamani, Mohammed Yousuf Uddin


Vol. 20  No. 12  pp. 131-137


Huge data volumes are generated by connected devices, every organization try to make use of its full potential. IoT data is more valuable than ever but without analytic power, data generated by IoT devices and solutions would offer limited added value and insights. We have explored the role of proper data processing and analytics in IoT and find out what are the key steps to maximizing the value of data generated from IoT devices and also discussed the fundamental steps required to turn any organization’s IoT data into valuable information for the business. Key questions should be answered by any organization that is embracing and offering IoT solutions and products, prior to embarking into IoT data analytics projects, to ensure success and avoid common pain-points. This paper will provide a structured approach using fusion and filtration techniques to truly transform IoT data into actionable business information and create a long-term and future-proof IoT data strategy.


Fusion, Filtration, Fog Computing, IoT Data, Edge Computing, IoT, Cloud Computing