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Dynamic Cyberspace Modeling from Network Automata


Anas Mu’azu Kademi and Ahmet Koltuksuz


Vol. 20  No. 12  pp. 30-41


Cyberspace, which is a complex system, constitutes dynamic networks of various interacting entities such as cyber-physical systems and world-wide-web of information. The quest for principles underlying the structural organization and dynamics of cyberspace often uses a Top-down approach, and no general framework for describing, categorizing, and analyzing its inherent properties has been established. This paper proposes a network cellular automata framework, characterizing and modeling cyberspace derived from the intrinsic constructs of cyberspace?? entities, space, and time. Employing network (graph) theories for spatial topology and generalized cellular automata depicting the dynamic process, we provide a novel foundation for formal cyberspace modeling. Subsequently, A network automata, a generalization of standard Cellular automata, is defined with a cyberspatial map, which is a mathematical generalization of cyberspatial object characterizing the dynamic and structure of cyber-physical systems. Consequently, the cyberspatial map is found to be homomorphic to the network automata.


Cyberspace, Network automata, cyberspatial map, relational topology, cyberspatial model