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Analysis of E-commerce Security using AVISPA


Daassa Asma, Machhout Mohsen, and Aguili Taoufik


Vol. 20  No. 12  pp. 13-20


E-commerce security is very necessary especially nowadays, as critical attacks are being detected in a still growing number. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the security of electronic transactions, to encourage customers providing goods and purchasing items. Normal communication protocols require less rigorous and detailed verification than security protocols before their deployment. There are many protocols originally designed for secure e-commerce transactions, these protocols are now used much more widely. That’s why an attack could be catastrophic as it may cause distrust and loss of communication. There are many formal methods for testing the security of e-business protocols to detect if it is safe or not, such as AVISPA, ProVerif , Casper etc. This research includes a comparison between protocols used for securing e-commerce transactions that has been made, the verification of security properties of electronic transaction protocol using AVISPA tool has been presented, and finally open research problems has been highlighted, there will also be a description on how SPAN (an animation tool for AVISPA) can be used to interactively find and build attacks.


SSL/TLS, SET, security, e-commerce, attacks, AVISPA, mutation