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A Comprehensive Analysis on Business Process Modelling Standards, Techniques and Languages


Youseef Alotaibi


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 233-250


Literature shows that there are many business Process Model (PM) tools, techniques and standards. However, choosing the right tools and techniques with which to model BPs is very complicated as there are not as many guidelines to describe the concepts involved. Thus, the modellers should know the purpose of their model in order to select the right techniques and tools. Categorizing the different business PM techniques, tools and standards into different groups with the same functions and characteristics can make logical sense of them. In this paper, we have categorized the existing business PM techniques and tools into three groups: graphic, execution and interchange standards and have provided a comprehensive analysis on the existing business PM techniques and tools. Our proposed literature review can help in enhancing manufacturing practice as it provides a right picture for the business analysts and modellers regarding what are the most satiable techniques for their cases and requirement. Thus, the manufacturing and companies’ process time, cost and performance can be enhanced and improved their revenue.


Business Process Management (BPM); Business Process Modelling (PM); Business Process (BP); Literature Review