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Campus Navigation and Fleet Management Application by Using GPS


Steve Azarsh Ratti, Fahim Aziz Umrani, Zuhaibuddin Bhutto, Nasrullah Pirzada, Aftab Mirani, Ayaz Hussain


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 228-232


In contemporary era the location-based technologies are emerged abruptly to organize efficient business functions and to ease human lives. In the same line of action, educational institutions and universities having the bigger geographical area tend to use tracking and monitoring system for their vehicles/points. In this paper, a new system devised with help of application for smartphones for fleet/vehicle management. The term Fleet management system can be elaborated as systems which are used by organizations and institutions to manage their vehicles, and all day-to-day operations, such as, vehicle management, maintenance, risk and information management, HR management, disposal management and driver’s behaviour. The aim of this paper is to provide a detailed description of how technology can assist us in present android-based fleet management systems using GPS. Fleet management system GPS uses cartography, to calculate the distances and area covered. Navigation, to guide the user where to go and where they are presently. The main purpose to use such efficient technology is to improve accuracy, save time, better vehicle management, maintenance and tracking for autonomous organizations and institutions. The android-based university campus application developed to provide Campus information; this data contains the details of all the nearby points to campus, routes available to the vehicle driver, dashboard and the user (generally students and faculty), information regarding the map of departments and also identifies the distance from department to the current location provided in the palm of the hand of the users, the dashboard and the screen provided to the driver within the vehicle. By using this application, student can able to locate their desired point and their schedule implemented to demonstrate the field data set. Moreover, the survey conducted in a bid to get the feedback of students and drivers after effective usage of this application and new system. Apparently, this smart system of fleet/vehicle management proved more convenient travelling and navigation around the MUET.


Fleet Management; GPS; Campus Navigation, smartphone applications.