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Performance evaluation of directional broadcast to support Military Convoys communication in unplanned areas


Mohammad Latif, Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Ashraf, Riaz UlAmin, Abdul Sattar Malik


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 221-227


Vehicular ad hoc network is an emerging technology used for dissemination of information generated by several types of VANET applications. Military applications are important VANET applications that needs to be considered for successful VANET deployment. It is vital to classify and characterize military related VANET applications along with traffic generated by these applications. VANET uses various broadcasting protocols for dissemination of information. A variety of broadcasting protocols have been presented in literature. One such broadcasting protocol is directional broadcast. This paper aims not only at classifying and characterizing military related VANET applications but also finding the suitability of directional broadcast for dissemination of military related applications against conventional broadcasting protocols.


VANET, Directional Broadcast, Military related VANET applications, Routing Protocols, Classification of VANET Applications.