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Enhancing quality by identifying problems of government universities websites of district Shaheed Benazirabad


Irfana. Memon, Imran Ali.Memon, ,Shahzana Memon, Baby Marina"


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 205-213


Day by day so many new websites are dispatching with identical content but quality is not of same level. Mostly users quit websites in first time and never come back, if quality does not meet users’ expectations. Website becomes beneficial, easy to understand and reliable by maintaining quality. Many studies have done on quality evaluation but their focus groups were programmers, according to majority of internet users that quality of product or service is whatever they receive from it so it is necessary to evaluate websites from users’ point of view. It is necessary to evaluate websites quality to assure repetitive visits of users. This research is based on survey to identify common problems encounter by users of government universities websites of district Shaheed Benazirabad and provides recommendations of identified problems for developers to develop better universities websites. Students of four universities of Shaheed Benazirabad are focus group of this research. Selected four universities are of engineering, medical, general and veterinary domain. Survey results are analyzed by statistical method to identify common problems and recommendations are made on the basis of these identified problems.


District Shaheed Benazirabad, identifying problems, Enhancing quality