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Recursive Algorithm for the Analysis of Metabolic Cycles


Ovidiu Costica UNGUREANU, Marius Constantin POPESCU, Elena UNGUREANU , Calin Gabriel SARLA


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 170-178


This study highlights the implications of the recursive algorithms in the field of biochemistry and genetics for solving the issue of protein synthesis. The existence of some biological structural units congruous with IF statements in a logical schema are emphasised, elaborating a mathematic pattern for the structure of a protein, which is concluded with the drafting of a computer software. The proteins are biomolecules with complex structure, constituting all life forms. The structure of the proteins is insufficiently known due to their dynamicity, the proteins being constantly submitted to processes of synthesis and degradation. In addition, the mathematic pattern can also be used for the analysis of coronavirus which are relatively simple structures, of spherical form covered by peaks formed of nucleoprotein units constituted of nucleic acids, DNA or RNA (as genetic material) and specific proteins. Considering the vital importance for the body proper functioning which these biopolymers have, this study aims to issue simple software which emphasises the various mutations affecting the complex structure of these macromolecular organic compounds, and the mutagenic factors at the basis of the mutations.


codons, enzymes, proteins, coronavirus, recursion, backtracking.