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Reliable Health Care System Model for WBAN and Cloud Integration


Santhi Vandana.T and Venkateswarlu.S


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 166-169


Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), is emerging steadily in healthcare system. Handling the patient information with their relevance medical data in secure manner is essential in any healthcare services and managing the data’s from various WBAN network is vital for real time applications. To accomplish this task, Cloud-assisted WBAN is promoted in recent years due to its flexible data storage and incorporate various security measures to WBAN. Still, numerical issues are raised in this open access cloud system to ensure the security and validate the healthcare information from remote terminals with guaranteed QoS support. This paper overcome these challenges and proposes a novel method that combines cloud-based WBANs with key driven QR pattern generation techniques in order to provide security and allows authentication driven data access to medical personals. To accommodate wide range of potential requirements color QR patterns are generated using user defined key values. Such color QR pattern provides flexibility to handle wide range of medical data from heterogeneous users with promising error metrics confidence. Furthermore, the integration of this QR patterns with the cloud-assisted WBAN system improves reliability over data execution criterions with maximized error tolerance level due to its inherent error correction capabilities


Access control, WBAN system, cloud server, data sharing, security, QR pattern, privacy.