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Adopting Open Source Software for Integrated Library System and Digital Library Automation


Shakir Khan, Mohammed Ali Alshara


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 158-165


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the various features and functions of open source software for integrated library management system (ILMS) and digital library system. The explosion of the World Wide Web, dynamic nature of information technologies, like open source; and with escalation of electronics resources showed the way of Automated Library System (ALS). These changes are replicated in the conceptual differences between the ALS and the Integrated Library System (ILS). The ALS is acknowledged as simply a database to house and retrieve a library’s holdings while ILS is acknowledged as robust clusters of systems including every process and module linked to library processes. This article presents an aspect on the evolving features of some commonly adopted Open-Source ILS Software (Koha, NewGenLib, and Evergreen) which had encouraged ALS to ILS, as well as justifications and barriers to the use of open source. Open source library management software is a solution to reducing that cost. The research describes in brief about the feature of some of the open source digital library software like Greenstone, DSpace E-Prints and integrated library software Koha NewGenlib. Evergreen ILS etc., which are useful for developing ILS and institutional repositories software in academic libraries. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is offered as a balancing solution to meet librarians’ objectives without giving up excellence. The endeavor of this research is to confirm not only the most used FOSS in libraries but also those alternatives which are not as healthy-looking known but with great possible for the community.


Free Open Source Software (FOSS), Open source library management software, DSpace, Koha, E-Prints, New Genlib, Evergreen ILS, Greenstone