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Underpinning Theories of Software Engineering: Dynamism in Physical Sources of the Shannon?Weaver Communication Model


Sabah Al-Fedaghi


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 120-131


This paper aims to contribute to further understanding of dynamism (the dynamic behavior of system models) in the mathematical and conceptual modeling of systems. This study is conducted in the context of the claim that software engineering lacks underpinning scientific theories, both for the software it produces and the processes by which it does so. The research literature proposes that information theory can provide such a benefit for software engineering. We explore the dynamism expressive power of conceptual modeling as a software engineering tool that can represent physical systems in the Shannon?Weaver communication model (SWCM). Specifically, the modeled source in the SWCM is a physical phenomenon (a change that can occur in the world, e.g., tossing a coin) resulting in generating observable events and data of unaddressed information. The resultant model reflects the feasibility of extending the SWCM to be applied in conceptual modeling in software engineering.


Conceptual modeling; mathematical modeling, information; system decomposition; diagrammatic representation.