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Preventing Multiple Accessing Attacks via Efficient Integration of Captcha Crypto Hash Functions


Nafisah Kheshaifaty and Adnan Gutub and Adnan Gutub


Vol. 20  No. 9  pp. 16-28


Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of online computer users. It can be confirmed using various methods such as captchas or encrypted hashed passwords to provide acceptable practicality. The main objective of having these authentication features, is to ensure that intended user data is protected and safe from attackers. Captchas are used as a security access measure, to check if users are real humans or robots. The lately captcha tests include, the three-dimension captcha, the no robot captcha, marketing captcha, and mathematical captcha, which all have applicability challenges to be addressed. In this paper, the text-based captcha will be recommended as part of the security system integrated with crypto hash functions for proper security preventing multiple accessing attacks. Our authentication process contains the captcha module, login system component, and SHA1 hash function, all combined for access security. Beside captcha module check of robot-automation, the SHA1 hashing and cryptography are combined to assure efficient security of the authentication process. The proposed integration of captcha crypto hash functions system has an effective improvement of about 30% over old systems. Its multiple-layers combination makes the system proposed more secure and authentic as appropriate for today’s online applications.


Access control; authentication; captcha; cryptography; encryption; hashing